Recklessness crosses the limit in Bangladesh

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At the end of the day, mass people can do very little to save themselves. It is the government who should take the steps which can ease our livelihood.

What a rickshaw-puller can do to contain the spread of the virus without staying at his home? Or what does a roadside hawker have to shelter himself in a private home for months? Nothing. But how does he stay at home without food, daily needs? The government should provide them with this support. Was our government able to do that? NO!

We saw the authorities allocate relief goods for people left stranded due to the pandemic, but hundreds of public representatives go busy in plunder. We saw the government had taken an initiative to provide with the financial aid to the poor through mobile banking, but again, public representatives came up to consume those.

Now, everything is set to reopen. Many offices pulled up their shutters today despite having no detailed idea of the spread of the virus. Recklessness crossed all the limit when we saw the government announce to reopen nearly everything from May 31 and the public transport from June 1.

It's beyond my understanding of how the government can reopen offices before finding out a logical way to rerun public transport! Let alone finding out a logical way, how do the government reopen offices before allowing public transport to restart their operation?